Mechanical equipment rooms stay clean, dry and safe with an advanced RexTough coating solution.

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RexTough MER (Mechanical Equipment Room) Coating combines the crack bridging and waterproofing capabilities of an elastomeric coating with a chemically resistant topcoat and an can be installed with an optional broadcast of various hard aggregates to increase resistance to wear, impact, and to improve traction under foot.
Elastomeric coatings remain flexible and will last many years in heavy duty service. Fiberglass scrim may be incorporated into the system to add tensile strength. This combination of features creates an exceptional solution for applications where there are large amounts of vibration such as under large motors, pumps or other floor mounted equipment.


Mechanical equipment rooms house the equipment that is critical for the safe and reliable operation of buildings and plant equipment. Whether it is HVAC, electrical panels, water pumps, air compressors or boilers, it is imperative that this equipment is well cared for in a an environment that is safe for workers and those inside these facilities.

RexTough MER (Mechanical Equipment Room) coatings are the solution, because they are easy to clean, offer high chemical resistance and improve traction under foot it makes sense to use RexTough coating solution in your facility. Whether the facility is a new build, a renovation or requires a refresh there has never been a better time to use RexTough MER coatings.


Step 1
Profile entire concrete floor by shot blasting or diamond grinding. By “opening” the concrete and creating a profile we ensure the concrete and epoxy are properly bonded.
Step 2
Cracks in concrete are opened using a concrete saw and then filled. We also complete concrete restoration work at this stage, this could include repairing damage like surface spalling.
Step 3
Construction joints in the concrete may be filled at this time.
Step 4
The surface is thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust or debris.
Step 5
We apply a high quality, high solids, grey Elastomeric epoxy base coat @ 10-12 mils. Where there are cracks or joints we embed fiberglass scrim.
Step 6
Next we lay down a grey Elastomeric epoxy mid coat @ 15-20 mils and broadcast aggregate if required.
Step 7
After the epoxy has cured over night we apply a high performance, high solids, epoxy top coat @ 8-12 mils.
Step 8
The floor must be allowed to cure for 24 hours before foot traffic can resume and 1 week before vehicle traffic resumes.
Step 9
Floors require little more than normal cleaning. If required, RexTough MER coatings can be easily renewed with an additional top coat.

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Let’s get started. Let us know how we can help you and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.
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