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A good parking garage floor coating system will prolong the life of the concrete structure as a whole

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Epoxy Commercial Flooring

Patrons and building owners both depend on parking garages to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Owners and nearby businesses could incur loss of income due to inconvenience if a parking garage needs downtime for flooring repairs. At RexCoat we produce a broad spectrum of fast turnaround parking garage floor coating systems with outstanding durability that can help protect new structures and return existing structures to a new condition.

Every parking facility is different. Parking decks in multi-level garages, for example, have very special coating needs. Moisture intrusion can corrode the concrete slab from within, eventually contributing to weakened internal metal structures. Owners and operators want a cost-effective concrete deck coating system that can protect new concrete or restore older concrete surfaces.

Concrete parking decks can suffer when they are exposed to:

Benefits of Doing Epoxy Parking Garage Flooring

Our epoxy parking garage flooring creates a water membrane and is a preventative application to prolong the life of a parking garage. Used in medium to large scale parking garage applications.

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