Restoring Polished Concrete Floors

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Learn About Restoring Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete is low maintenance not no maintenance.
Over time all things wear down and periodically need to be restored or refreshed. Polished concrete is no exception. While polished concrete is extremely durable it does wear and will need to be refreshed. As a facility manager or building owner don’t despair if your concrete floors have become worn or you are struggling to keep them clean. Polished floors can easily be rejuvenated and brought back to their original shine, performing like new for many more years.

In commercial facilities like, warehouses, large format retail and grocery stores it is very common for the floors to have a polished concrete. Polished concrete is a “green” solution, LEED compliant, that combines high performance with aesthetic appeal. Over time the polish can get worn down from foot traffic or from shopping carts, forklifts or from pallet jacks used for restocking shelves and needs to be rejuvenated. Keep in mind floor coatings like epoxy or coverings like VCT require maintenance too.

It is easy to see when polished concrete needs to be refinished, the gloss level will be gone or greatly reduced, they will become harder to clean and they just generally don’t look as good. You may also notice that your facility is becoming increasingly dusty, this is the silica dust from the compromised top layer of the concrete floor which is becoming airborne and is hazardous to workers and to customers. It is also possible to feel the difference, in the high traffic areas where the surface is broken open, the concrete will feel more like 60 grit sandpaper then a smooth polished surface. If your floors have reached this point, it is time to refinish them.

Refinishing a concrete floor is very similar to the process used when the floor was new and was originally polished. Often, the refresh process is quick, relatively painless and can be done while the facility is operational. Keep in mind, the longer you wait the more significant the restoration process is. The floor polishing crew will:

After the concrete polish has been restored, the floor can be returned to normal use within a few hours or in some cases overnight. To maintain the floors after restoration be sure the use neutral pH cleaners, preferably those designed for polished floors, use soft non-abrasive pads on auto scrubbers and avoid leaving spilled liquids or chemicals on the floor for extended periods. If you have any questions or need to consult with the experts on the floor in your facility feel free to reach out the team at RexCoat Seamless Flooring today.

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