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Take a minute (55 seconds to be exact!) to watch and see how we go about installing a quality epoxy flooring system. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please give us a call at 780-244-8661 today! Installing Epoxy, Urethane, and Polyaspartic coatings is a highly involved process that requires professional grade equipment, extensive knowledge of concrete substrates and world class coating suppliers to ensure that coatings are durable, long lasting and are correctly specified for the customers application.
Epoxy Flooring in Edmonton - Blastrac


90% of what we do is concrete preparation, this is the most important part of the process and what separates the professionals from everyone else. When you hire a contractor to install a floor coating the most important questions to ask are about the preparation processes. At Rexcoat we ensure that the floor is clean, dry, all cracks and spalling are repaired and that the floor meets the Concrete Surface Profile required by the coatings manufacturer. All floors are prepped using either a Blastrac Shot Blaster and/or Diamond Grinder. We can level floors where required and pride ourselves on our attention to details.

Installation of Coving

For customers who require floor coatings to extend up onto the surrounding walls we can install coving up to 6″ high. By adding coving to a project it ensures that there are no open joints between the walls and the floor making the floor coating completely seamless. This is a perfect solution in medical facilities, laboratories or where CFIA certification is required.
Epoxy Flooring in Edmonton - corner view
Implementing Epoxy Flooring in Edmonton

Priming & Sealing

It is important that the first coat of product used on every project is designed to penetrate the concrete and create a strong long lasting bond, this ensures that the coating doesn’t peel or flake. The prime coat is the stage, where on some projects, we will address water vapour coming up from below the concrete substrate.

The Build Coat

This is where the floor coating really comes to life, the smoothness of the finish can be seen after this application and the space will be immediately brighter and cleaner. The second coat of product is often the thickest and is sandwiched between the primer and the top coat(s). This is also where we typically apply non-slip textures or colored chips.
Epoxy Flooring in Edmonton - Large space
Newly implemented epoxy flooring in Edmonton

Top Coat

Some floors require a single top coat and some require several layers, we tailor our top coating processes to the specific customers budgetary and functional needs. Our top coats range from clear Polyaspartic, to glossy or matte polyurethanes, to extremely high performance Polysiloxane coatings. Some are designed to beautify and protect while others are meant to create hard wearing and scratch resistant surfaces. Most top coats are designed for easy cleaning, chemical resistance and create hygenieic environments.

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