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We love working with architects at the design stage. It means we can support our customers by ensuring they get a solution that is tailored to the application, specific to the building and in colors that are on trend and in keeping with the look and feel of the space. We work with architects on projects ranging from major new institutional facilities to commercial renovations and residential projects.

Markets We Serve.


From commercial renovations to major new construction we work with general contractors every day. By working with Rex Coat you can expect us to help you solve challenges, get our crew on site quickly, work safely and complete the work on budget. We work with general contractors on leasehold improvements, facility upgrades, new construction and many different types of renovation work.

Markets We Serve.

Interior Designers

Epoxy flooring just like any other type of flooring is a major design element in any space. The difference with epoxy coatings is that we can install a floor coating in any color and we can supply metallic finishes which are unmatched for their eye catching looks and high performance. We work with interior designers on restaurants, retail boutiques, residential homes and more.

Markets We Serve.

Building Maintenance

Floor coatings save building maintenance companies money. A Rex Coat floor is resistant to stains, easier to clean, they eliminate concrete dust, are anti-slip, and are far more hygienic than most other types of floors with joints and seams. We work with building maintenance companies on applications ranging from parking garages to mechanical rooms.

Markets We Serve.

Property Managers

We understand that for property managers they are often working under tight deadlines to meet the needs of their tenant clients. At Rex Coat we work with a variety of property managers in helping them to solve the challenges presented by keeping the unique needs of their customers satisfied.

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Industrial Plants

Industrial customers often need solutions for both plant maintenance and facility upgrades that are suitable for quick return to service. Coatings in plants are critical to operations and must be installed during periods of shutdown. We work with manufacturing and industrial plant managers routinely and can accommodate these special requirements.

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Whether it is a colored chip finish floor in a garage, a metallic epoxy coating in a basement or a main floor coating for a modern industrial look we have a wide range of custom epoxy, polyaspartic and urethane coatings for homeowners to choose from. We work with homeowners designing their next renovation, upgrading their basement, building a man or lady cave or fixing damage caused by floods.

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Seamless flooring in healthcare environments is an absolute necessity. No other flooring can be cleaned and kept hygienic on the same level as a seamless resin type floor. We work with a wide range of healthcare facilities including oral surgery, general hospital and first aid rooms. We also install 4” and 6” Cove bases in all medical facilities.

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Commercial Kitchens

If you have a quarry tile kitchen floor you need to call the experts at Rex Coat today! There is no better solution in a commercial kitchen than a seamless epoxy or cementitious urethane coating. They are easy to clean, stain resistant, and able to withstand a wide range of chemical cleaners. We work with commercial kitchen managers to install floor coatings in both new construction and renovations and can install over top of old tile.

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Beer Brewers

Cementitious urethane is the floor of choice for the best brewers all over the world. At Rex Coat we can provide your brewery operation with a custom designed floor coating that will stand up to all the moisture, chemical cleaners and forklift traffic you can throw at it. We work with brewery managers and owners on new construction, expansions, renovations and repairs.

Markets We Serve.

Warehousing and Logistics

We have amazing coating solutions for making warehouse floors cleaner, reducing dust, improving work area brightness and making operations safer. We work with warehousing and logistics companies to help find solutions to their unique challenges and improve their business operations.

Markets We Serve.


For the same reason seamless coatings are ideal in healthcare and kitchens they are also perfect for pharmaceutical settings including growing, packaging and processing cannabis. Seamless coatings are the perfect solution for environments that have strict requirements for hygiene and cleaning. We work with pharmaceutical companies building new facilities, expanding existing operations or performing maintenance and upgrades.

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Our Industry Partners

We partner with the industries top manufacturers to enable us to recommend the best solutions for our epoxy flooring customers in Edmonton and surrounding areas on each and every project. Some of our competitors are limited to a single product line meaning solutions are not always tailored to the customers specific needs, at RexCoat Flooring in Edmonton the customer comes first in the recommended solution.