Is Concrete Flooring for Me?

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Carpet has been used in homes and offices for decades, but its color and design are often out of fashion long before the end of its useful life. Without the shine offered by other flooring options, carpet tends to darken rooms without significant natural light. While commercial flooring is made to be durable, it eventually shows wear along high traffic areas and can be susceptible to staining. The fibers in the carpet may also trap bacteria and debris, so regular professional cleaning is required. This type of flooring is not suitable for use on the garage or warehouse floors where it will need to withstand vehicle traffic as well as foot traffic. For environments like this, you need flooring that is strong and that can hold up to the demands placed on it. Have you considered concrete flooring?

What Is the Difference Between Concrete and Cement?

Although many people use these two terms interchangeably, concrete is comprised of aggregate (sand and coarse gravel) which is mixed with cement and water to form a structural compound that is ready to be used for its varied applications. When aggregate is very fine, it is used as a mortar when mixed with cement.

Concrete has an extensive history of use and that use continues today. In fact, concrete is the most used material on planet Earth…aside from water. Concrete’s way of setting and hardening has made it possible to construct large structures – as in the construction of homes and buildings of every kind.

Concrete flooring typically underlies any other flooring that is installed over it – like carpet or tile – so, whether you need concrete refurbishing or full concrete restoration, you likely have the potential to use this flooring without needing to invest in other materials.

Concrete Flooring

When you think of concrete flooring, you may think of a cold and echoing industrial space or the bland appearance of your neighborhood’s sidewalks. In fact, concrete flooring is versatile and customizable – allowing you to customize its color and esthetic before it is brought to its final finish with polishing. Acid-stained, dyed, or stamped concrete each offer its own unique properties where esthetic is concerned. Rather than expenses like marble and quartz, you may come to find that many of the impressive floors you see in your daily life are actually made from polished concrete.

RexCoat Flooring is expert on concrete coating and polishing in Edmonton. Concrete polishing requires special equipment to achieve a beautiful reflective shine. The finished product is resistant to staining and easy to clean, making it just about the best garage floor covering. Garage floors, like all concrete flooring, require professional tools that utilize the cutting power of diamonds to cut and etch into the concrete. This process is repeated numerous times, decreasing the grit of the diamond pads as they progress. At RexCoat Flooring, our professionals never rush this important process. When your concrete floor has been polished, it will appear to have a mirror-like finish.

Commercial Concrete Polishing in Edmonton

Your concrete floors are easy to maintain and will only require polishing when they begin to show signs of wear. These include dull areas and areas that are showing small cracks. These are indications that it is time to have your floors polished – if you wait too long, cracks will become more apparent and will begin to spread, requiring a more involved process than just polishing.

When you call RexCoat Flooring in Edmonton, your professional will do a full visual analysis of the condition of your floor before any polishing begins. This is because if refurbishing is required, it should be done prior to resealing the floor. In addition, your professional will apply a densifier to your floors as required. Densifier is a chemical that reacts with concrete to fill the exposed pores and harden the surface, which allows an even polish.

Are There Reasons Not to Choose a Concrete Floor?

Although concrete flooring is incredibly diverse and reliable, there are some situations where it may not be the ideal choice. Cement floors increase the chance of breaking items if they are dropped, making them a poor choice for areas like kitchens. Small children may find concrete floors uncomfortable to play on, and they are typically cold unless a heating system has been installed previously. Elderly homeowners may find this cold floor lacks comfort.

To overcome these obstacles, we recommend complimenting your high-traffic areas with area rugs in sitting rooms and hallway runners. Not only does this improve your comfort as you walk around your home, but it balances the stone look by bringing sense of warmth and comfort into the design of your space.

If you have questions about polishing your concrete floors, call RexCare Concrete Polishing in Edmonton. We would be pleased to help you get the most out of your concrete floors.

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