Everything You Need to Know about Concrete Polishing

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No one likes to see a bare floor, especially when there is a bevy of amazing flooring options available. One option that can help you achieve barefoot-worthy flooring is concrete flooring. Whether you want a quick makeover of your stained flooring or a study flooring that can endure heavy foot pressure, concrete flooring is the most compromising option. From homes to
industries, this flooring option has been the top preference of people planning to construct or renovate their place.

However, if you’re making up your mind about concrete polishing but want reasons to back your decision, this guide is a must-read for you. From what’s concrete polishing, concrete refurbishing, and concrete restoration to the best concrete polishing in Edmonton, we’ve covered everything here.

Concrete polishing Edmonton

What is Concrete?

Concrete is a special type of construction material formed by mixing water, cement, and any hard material (sand, rock, and gravel). This mixture of cement and water is kept for a few hours to get hardened, form a shape, and bind into a rock-like mass structure. In general, there are three types of concrete based on the type of cement used.

Edmonton is famous for concrete polishing. To meet the demand for concrete polishing, the number of concrete polishing contractors in Edmonton is more than ever before. Whether it’s commercial concrete polishing or concrete refurbishing on garage floors, concrete polishing contractor Edmonton gets your back.

Why Choose Concrete Polishing?

Concrete polishing is famous for a reason which is what sets it on top of the other flooring options. If it’s your first time getting concrete polishing done, it’s better to know if it’s the best decision or not.

Besides, choosing the right concrete polishing is equally essential to get the work done as expected. If you live somewhere in Edmonton, it might be hard for you to swipe through the pool of options in concrete polishing contractors in Edmonton. Therefore, it’s best to be clear of your requirements and make the right decision.


High Versatility

When it comes to flooring buildings, warehouses, and commercial places, you can’t afford to go for stubborn flooring. Instead, you should look for one that’s easy to mold and deal with wear and tear because of heavy foot traffic, such as concrete flooring.


Not only is it highly versatile, glossy and shiny at the same time. But it’s also easy to customize in a bevy of different colors, patterns, and aggregates.



In addition, concrete polishing is far more durable, resistant, and easy to clean than other flooring options like vinyl and brick.

From garage floors, residential property, warehouse floors, concrete flooring works well in most conditions while maintaining its shine and durability for a long time.


Long lifespan

Lasting longer than most flooring options makes concrete flooring one of the top choices for people looking for long-term investment. Whether you’re going for commercial concrete polishing or renovating garage floors, warehouse floors, concrete works best in every case.


Because of heavy-duty construction, polished concrete floors can endure high pressure and heavy foot traction. Not only this applies in concrete polishing but also when it comes to concrete refurbishing or concrete restoration. However, some concrete polishing contractors in Edmonton add concrete floor hardeners and concrete densifiers to enhance the hardness of the concrete and achieve excellent durability.


Cheapest Option

Compared to other flooring options, getting concrete flooring will save you bucks. In addition, it requires the least maintenance and cleaning elements that’ll be easily available in your home.


Easy to Maintain

With regular dusting and a wipe of cleaning liquid, cleaning concrete floors is a piece of cake. Regular cleaning of concrete not only keeps it stain-free but also gives it a mirror-like surface in the blink of an eye.


Methods of Concrete Polishing

In general, there are two effective methods of concrete polishing that most concrete polishing contractors use for this purpose.


1. Wet Method


In this method of concrete polishing, the workers use water to mix with the concrete in order to rub off all the dust and cool the mixture. However, wet polishing requires a specific temperature to rest and be ready for polishing. In addition, cleaning the residue of wet polishing is also a bit hectic compared to dry polishing.


2. Dry Polishing


Dry polishing is the exact opposite of wet polishing, as it doesn’t require water. Also, dry polishing is a bit easy as there’s no mixture prepared to polish the floor. However, dry concrete polishing requires more concrete than wet polishing.



Concrete polishing isn’t as tricky as it sounds because of the advanced approaches used by concrete polishing contractors to give you a seamless floor.


If you’re looking for someone that doesn’t make the flooring a hectic task, RexCoat Flooring is all you need. As one of the best concrete polishing contractors in Edmonton, they’re known for their latest equipment, effective approaches, and trained workers. All these combined give the best concrete flooring polishing results that you can ever dream of. 

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