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Concrete Polishing

Is Concrete Flooring for Me?

Carpet has been used in homes and offices for decades, but its color and design are often out of fashion long before the end of its useful life. Without the shine offered by other flooring options, carpet tends to darken

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Restoring Polished Concrete Floors

Learn About Restoring Polished Concrete Floors Polished concrete is low maintenance not no maintenance.Over time all things wear down and periodically need to be restored or refreshed. Polished concrete is no exception. While polished concrete is extremely durable it does wear

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epoxy flooring

Concrete Floor Polishing – Commercial Applications

About Commercial Concrete Floor Polishing Building owners and facility managers need to understand that concrete polish has many benefits for commercial and industrial facilities. Concrete floors in commercial and industrial facilities, such as big box retail, distribution warehouses and production

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Epoxy Flooring VS Polyaspartic Flooring

Choosing the Best Flooring Option I need an epoxy floor coating or I want a polyaspartic floor, are requests that we get almost everyday. Our first step, is of course, to find out what is driving the request so we

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